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Childrens Preventative Care Specialist

A&U Family Medicine

Family Medicine located in Riverstone, Sugar Land, TX

Detecting and treating acute and chronic illnesses early is the key to optimizing your child’s health and development. At A&U Family Medicine in Sugar Land, Texas, Hammad Zaidi, MD, and his experienced family medicine team offer children’s preventive care services to ensure your child grows and develops normally and remains disease-free. Schedule your child’s next wellness exam with A&U Family Medicine over the phone or request an appointment online today.

Childrens Preventative Care

What is children’s preventive care?

Children’s preventive care at A&U Family Medicine involves evaluating your child periodically, even when they seem healthy. Doing so helps Dr. Zaidi detect possible disease symptoms or developmental problems that might arise. 

What are the benefits of children’s preventive care?

Being proactive and seeing Dr. Zaidi for routine wellness checkups offers your child the following health and wellness benefits:

  • Disease prevention from vaccines
  • Early detection of genetic abnormalities
  • Treatment for being overweight and obesity
  • Growth and development tracking
  • Vision or hearing impairment detection
  • Nutrition and health education

Detecting childhood physical, genetic, and psychological problems early helps prevent serious complications from arising. For example, if your child has a hearing impairment that causes a speech delay, early detection, and treatment increase their chance of success.

What happens during children’s preventive care exams?

During a children’s preventive care exam, Dr. Zaidi and his team check your child’s height and weight. They review your child’s medical history and examine their breathing, heart rate, eyes, ears, throat, and reflexes. Dr. Zaidi might use allergy or asthma diagnostic tests if necessary.

He may ask you to complete a childhood development questionnaire, and addresses questions or concerns you have about your child’s health. Dr. Zaidi lets you know if your child requires treatment, such as:

  • Insulin injections for diabetes
  • Antibiotics for strep throat or other bacterial infections
  • Allergy or asthma treatments
  • Medications for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Further diagnostic testing

If your child needs treatment for hearing or vision impairments, speech, or other developmental delays, or if Dr. Zaidi suspects a serious medical condition, he refers you to a qualified specialist in your area. He also offers routine vaccinations and school or sports physicals.

How often should I schedule a child wellness exam?

Dr. Zaidi and his team let you know how often to schedule children’s preventive exams based on your child’s age and health. As a rule, schedule a child wellness checkup every year beginning at age 3, and more often for younger children and babies.

Make your child’s health a priority to prevent complications resulting from diseases, injuries, or genetic abnormalities. Schedule an appointment with A&U Family Medicine over the phone or online today.