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This is the year for a Flu Vaccine.

COVID-19 has bought large parts of the world to stop. Increased infections rates and increased deaths have lead to panic. The search for a cure and a vaccine has lead to sprint amongst big pharmaceutical companies and countries. As we lead into the fall, one this is for certain: the COVID-19 will co-exist with the Flu.

The Fall brings with it cooler weather shorter days, and the start of the annual Influenza season. The 2019-2020 Flu season almost broke records in pediatric patients. Marking the 2nd deadliest year for kids since the the start of the flu vaccine. As we move into the 2020-2021 flu season it is hard to predict how flu will play out. One thing is for certain thought, we don’t know how COVID-19 will tag along.

COVID-19 is an equal opportunity effector. Targeting adults and kids, there really is no way to predict who will get COVID-19. Further complicating matters is that COVID-19 will sometimes present itself with flu like symptoms. This can complicate the 2020-2021 flu season. Unlike, flu which has treatments in the form of Tamiflu and other antivirals targeting the influenza virus, there is no treatment for COVID-19 at this time. 

The biggest problem with this flu season, however, is that being infected with Flu DOES NOT mean you can’t get COVID-19. Additionally, having COVID-19 DOES NOT protect you from the Flu. This poses a potential risk in patients as we do not have data or experience with both Flu and COVID-19. Posing a potentially big problem. There is however something that can be done to limit the problem:

Get the flu vaccine. 

Even if you have never gotten the flu vaccine, or never gotten the flu before, 2020 is the year to get the flu vaccine of all years. 2020 has already thrown us into loops and there is no reason why we shouldn’t help prevent a known problem. The flu vaccine DOES NOT cause autism or other developmental effects. It is true that the flu vaccine may possible not prevent you from getting the flu. But what we do know, is that majority of flu deaths happen in people who do not get the flu vaccine. By taking the flu vaccine you give your body a better chance of keeping the flu at bay and preventing a co-infection with Flu and COVID-19. 

Together, we can help prevent preventable Flu related deaths and mitigate the potentially dangerous effects of COVID-19 coexisting with Flu. Covered by all major insurance providers with no cost to patients and available for affordable prices from various pharmacies and drug stores, and even available for free via Flu drives hosted by local governments, there shouldn’t be a reason to not got a flu vaccine in 2020. Any preventable death is worth it.

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